ELVES Automotive



O/S (Operating System)

ELVES Automotive has built wide experience and know-how on various O/S(operating system) required in the market.
WindowCE is an O/S developed by Microsoft based on Window operating system. It functions with small hardware resources for small devices. Its latest version is WinCE8.0 and is being applied to PDA, smartphones, PMP, car Navigation and so on.

Android is a mobile operating system for portable devices like cellular phones. Since Google has opened every source code, corporates and users are able to develop and mount Android programs on their own. Currently more and more automotive companies prefer to develop systems using Android because it has a great merit that many Android smart devices exist in the market already and there are a lot of usable applications based on Android.

Linux, as one of computer operation systems, is a network operating system supporting multi-user, multi-task and multi-thread. Linux’s open-source is a great merit like Android and its other merits are low development cost, high complementation and stability.

GENIVI(GENAVA In-Vehicle Infotainment) Alliance was set up in March, 2009 on purpose of making an In-Vehicle Infotainment open-source development platform. GENIVI based on Linux is a standard for vehicle-specialized functions among automotive companies and it is expected to be a preferred platform of many automotive companies henceforth. GENIVI consists of BMW, GM, Honda, HYUNDAI, RENAULT and more other companies and ELVES Automotive became a member of GENIVI Alliance in Aug, 2013.