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LDW(Lane Departure Warning)


LDW(Lane Departure Warning) is a safety system to prevent car accidents by detecting lanes via sensors or cameras in the car, and warn the driver when the car gets out of the way.

LKA(Lane Keeping Assistance)


LKA(Lane Keeping Assistance) is a system to prevent lane departure by adding controlling the steering wheel to LDW and making the vehicle itself detect danger when the driver begins to depart the way due to dozing off or carelessness. The front camera detects the lines and the system works in conjunction with the steering system.

FCW(Forward Collision Warning(Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection))


FCW(Forward Collision Warning) is a warning system about the front objects while driving using the front camera or radar. It detects relative speed between the vehicle and the object while driving, and thereby it notifies and warns driver of a collision hazard in advance.

TSLR(Traffic Sign & Light Recognition)


TSLR(Traffic Sign & Light Recognition) provides drivers with information such as speed limits, merging traffic, speed bumps and so on, by recognizing and interpreting various traffic signs day and night.

BSD(Blind-Spot Detection)


BSD(Blind-Spot Detection) is a safety system that alerts drivers by beep sound or LED to the objects in blind spots. The system recognizes moving objects within 3 meters in width and 5 meters in length from the side mirror.

DSM(Driver Status Monitoring system)


HUD(Head-Up Display)


HUD(Head-Up Display) helps safe driving by making drivers keep their eyes ahead. The system can project useful information such as TBT(Turn By Turn) and ADAS onto the windshield. The driver sees the virtual image hovering about 2 meters away.

Night Vision

Night Vision

Night driving is more risky than day driving on account of limited visibility. Since low beam can light about only 40meters ahead, drivers don’t have enough time to recognize and avoid danger. To solve such difficulty and to improve safety, Night Vision which enable drivers to recognize objects in darkness, is necessary.

SVM(Surround View Monitor)


SVM(Surround View Monitor) assists easy parking and recognition of blind spots, by providing a driver with the around view of the car with a bird’s-eye view. The system receives images from cameras on all four sides, corrects their distortion, stitches together resulting in a 360° bird’s-eye view of the car from overhead, and shows the final moving image on the front display.