ELVES Automotive



Module for Vehicle


ELVES Automotive is working to develop specific modules needed in infotainment system. In case imported cars don’t have navigation or drivers’ preferred map is required, we are able to provide only Box Navigation with such demands. Also we provide mobile TV solution suitable for each country's feature.

Box Navigation

ELVES Automotive’s Box Navigation supports various types of video output such as Analog RGB, GVIF and LVDS. Also Real 3D Map is available and multimedia functions can be added.


DTV(Digital Television)


ELVES Automotive’s Mobile TV solution is developed to be suitable for different mobile broadcasting standards in different countries. Our DTV has safety functions like video view restriction while moving and serves EPG(Electronic Program Guide) along with countries.

Mobile TV Solutions

  • - T-DMB (with TPEG Solution, Dual DMB)
  • - CMMB (with Nagravision CAS)
  • - 1-SEG
  • - DVB-T
  • - DVB-T2

Interface Module

Interface Module enables screen display or screen control according to vehicle control signal by smoothly connecting OEM system and external devices like box navigation. We have rich experiences with video interfaces such as Analog RGB, LVDS and GVIF. Also we hold high technology of communication protocols such as CAN, LIN and MOST and have been developing Ethernet AVB which is catching on as high-speed video transmitting technology.


FMT Module (FM Transmitter)


ELVES Automotive’s FMT Module easily connects, via FM, external devices such as DVD and box navigation to infotainment system of a vehicle without Audio AUX, and provides clear FN stereo sound. Our FMT Module with Noise Filter removes Alternator noise that usually happens in cars and offers better choice of frequency in different road conditions by supporting FM frequencies of four channels.