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ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System), as a driving assistance device, which detects danger using detecting sensor, warns danger in optical, auditory or tactile way and helps drivers to get out of danger by themselves. ADAS is proceeding toward automatic control not simple warning. For driver’s safe and comfortable driving, ELVES Automotive is working on developing high-tech systems, for example LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System) for warning lane departure, LKAS(Lane Keeping Assistance System) for controlling driving in case of lane departure, SCC(Smart Cruise Control) for keeping the proper distance between cars and AEBS(Advanced Emergency Braking System) for automatically reducing speed to relieve or avoid a collision with the front car.

LDW(Lane Departure Warning)


LDW is a system for warning in optical, auditory or
tactile way to prevent drivers from unintentionally
getting out of the lane and then floating

FCW(Forward Collision Warning)


FCW is a system for warning in optical, auditory or tactile way to prevent a collision with the front car by sensing running cars ahead in the same direction.

TSR(Traffic Sign Recognition)


TSR is a safety system which warns drivers about information of traffic signs such as speed limit and No Passing sign through images received from a camera. It helps drivers realize road regulations in advance and not to pass carelessly.

PCW(Pedestrian Collision Warning)

PCW is a safety system to prevent an accident by warning about impending collision with the front pedestrian. It gives warning when expected collision time is close to risk level.